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As India approaches its 100th year of independence in 2048, Leaders for 2047 is thrilled to unveil this year's theme for the "Innovation for India 2048" competition. In line with our commitment to fostering creativity and addressing critical challenges, this year's theme revolves around "Flooding: Innovations for Disaster Relief, Prevention, and Preparedness."

About The Competition


Empower students to unleash their creativity in tackling the pressing challenges posed by flooding. We challenge participants to ideate and present groundbreaking solutions in disaster relief, prevention, or preparedness.


Grade 4 to grade 9 students from pan India can register for this competition. Concept note can be in Hindi, English or Marathi language.



Craft your flood-related innovations on a single, impactful A4 sheet. Elevate your submission with intricate sketches, compelling doodles, or insightful drawings that vividly depict your proposed innovation. Beneath the visual representation, articulate your concept in a detailed note, complemented by arrows or succinct sentences for clarity.

Themes: Embark on a journey to explore flood-related innovations across diverse sectors – from technology and infrastructure to communication, transportation, healthcare, and beyond.

Examples for Inspiration: 

Technology: Harness the power of advanced sensors and AI for flood prediction and warning systems.
Infrastructure: Pioneer flood-resistant building materials and designs for resilient structures.
Communication: Develop community-based early warning systems through innovative mobile apps.
Transportation: Envision and design amphibious vehicles for swift and efficient rescue operations during floods.
Healthcare: Conceptualize mobile medical units equipped to serve flood-affected areas seamlessly.

Submission Guidelines:

Clearly stamp your identity on the A4 sheet – your name, grade, and school must be prominently displayed. Ensure your submission is a harmonious blend of detailed sketches and a well-explained concept note. Submit your visionary entries by [Submission Deadline] to [Contact Information].


The distinctiveness and originality of your idea, coupled with the potential positive impact of your innovation, will be key factors in determining the exciting rewards. We encourage a thoughtful exploration of the practical aspects of implementation and scalability. Additionally, each participant will receive a participation certificate.

"Idea Playground" Registration Form
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