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Anoobhuti Learning Solutions is Incubated at IIM Calcutta Innovation Park (IIMCIP)

The IIMCIP's Business Incubation Unit (BIU) functions as an incubation unit for innovative solutions for social and business challenges. To translate an innovative idea into a sustainable business is a long and arduous process. IIMCIP aims to provide an environment which would have all the ingredients required to make such a journey successful.
The BIU  of IIMCIP helping Anoobhuti Learning Solutions on 7 broad areas in which it has developed specialized expertise, knowledge and thought leadership as well as delivery capability in its stated objective of promoting and supporting entrepreneurship development.

YES! i am the CHANGE
Grant & Accelerator 2018

Anoobhuti  (Earlier named as Experiential Learning Solutions) got selected by Yes Foundation as Top 25 innovative social enterprises amongst 11000 entries    across India.

Maharashtra Startup
Week 2019

Anoobhuti  (Earlier named as Experiential Learning Solutions) got selected among top 100 finalist for  Maharashtra Start Up Week held by Maharashtra Government.

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