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Coding to Express Your Ideas


In the current digital world, on one hand it’s good progress that children are becoming conversant with the computer. However, one on another hand, it will lead to youth less exposed to the creation of digital technology which is revolutionizing the world, and merely be a consumer of technology. 

One of the fundamental skills required to create with a computer is to give instructions to the computer to complete a task. These instructions which a computer can understand are called code and the process of writing code is called coding. Learning to code will help kids to be conversant with the fundamental concepts, skills and mindset to create digital technology. Thus will empower them to thrive in the digital world and be active producers of technology.

The program gradually exposes kids to concepts, practices, and mindsets needed to learn to code. It empowers kids to make creative applications and animations to express self and surrounding which brings relevance and makes the process engaging and joyful.

Highlights of the Program

  • The course is starting from 4th standard kids up to 12th standard

  • Mapped as per National Education Policy 2020 & CBSE Guidelines

  • Blocked based programming with SCRATCH (Platform developed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab)

  • The program will be of total of 12 weeks

  • Small batch size of four students

  • The program will be conducted by expert trainers

  • The quick assessment followed by certification

What will be the impact?


Learn to grasp computational concepts such as sequencing, iteration & variables


Learn to grasp computational practices such as debugging & abstraction

Expression of

Coding enables kids to design projects that express there ideas

Idea to

Develop ability to carry out ideas from start to finish

Coding & Other Subjects

Kids can use coding to express ideas in different subject areas (math, science, languages, etc.


Kids develop fluency through exploration and experience

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