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Meet Team Anoobhuti

Chandragupt Bhide


Chandragupt, or Harshad as he is fondly called, looks into operations and finance for Anoobhuti. As a MBA and a seasoned entrepreneur, Chandragupt brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in managing Anoobhuti.


Narendra Godse


Narendra is an engineering graduate and passionate about experiential learning and hence acts as an evangelist for Anoobhuti. With Narendra is always looking for opportunities to pitch Anoobhuti products and services, wherever possible!


Dr. Prachi Chandrachud

Prachi is PhD holder in physics, she has a wide experience in teaching science subject and have done research on more than 2 subjects.

Educational Expert
Shrikant Mulik

Shrikant works on building digital solutions for managing operational processes and product development. With 18 years of corporate experience and MBA from IIT Bombay, Shrikant knows what it takes to run the company efficiently with the help of technology.

Executive Advisor
Sandeep Damle
Project Advisor

Sandeep has been instrumental in reaching out to the schools for the products and services of Anoobhuti. With 17 years of experience in education sector and MBA education, he helps connect Anoobhuti with decisions makers in academic institutes.

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