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Vigyan Setu - Hands on Science Kit 







Let your child ask 'W' questions, The great scientist had once said “The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existence."

Take first leap towards Science Exploration

6th Standard

Rs. 4999/-

7th Standard

Rs. 4999/-

8th Standard

Rs. 4999/-

Crux of Vigyan Setu

What is Hands on Science Kit?

​It’s time to take a leap and to bring change in your child development and pace to speed of brain development. Lets together help your child in developing interest in a science subject. To ignite your child's mind, We are providing a kit of various learning by doing easy-to-use science experiments, models, charts books, etc.  

What will be the impact?

  • Direct Improvement in Learning Outcomes

  • Development in  Science Temperament

  • Development in Science Skills like Observation, Measurement, etc.

  • Development in Science Inquisitive Mind

  • Analytical Skill Improvement

  • Development in Logical Thinking

  • Developed Skill of Spatial Judgement

Highlights of Kit

  • Standard wise kit

  • Mapped with the syllabus of CBSC, Maharashtra State Board, Goa State Board, Madhya Pradesh State Board.

  • Kit along with user manual

  • Easy to use models and types of equipment.

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